The Van Metre Experience

A Difference in Service that's Easy to See

As a trusted member of the local business community, Van Metre is perfectly positioned to make the kind of sound financial investments that boost local economies and help businesses grow and thrive. Our commercial, retail, office, and flex-industrial properties are located both within our own planned communities and in mixed-use communities. We develop non-residential properties both from a planned speculative approach and on a build-to-suit basis, and we handle all the management for these properties. We offer an array of amenities, options, and programs to our tenants and their employees to help foster the success and growth of each business. These lasting relationships and the mutual trust built with our commercial clients promote long-term success for Van Metre and our 3rd party partners.

Flexible Lease Terms

Business needs vary, so we offer flexible lease terms to fit everyone from the local start-up to the established credit tenant. Our diverse portfolio allows us to offer shorter 3-year terms or up to 15-20 years for our anchor tenants; and will work to find you a unit sized just for your business needs. Van Metre diligently monitors regional and local sub-markets to ensure we have fair and competitive lease rates. We offer gross and triple net leases as well as attractive tenant improvement options from as-is deals to turn-key contracts. Our VP of Leasing works closely with our brokers and prospective tenants to craft the deal that works best for you.

Tenant Portal

Quickly and conveniently take care of all your business-related matters online with our Tenant Portal. From updating your office contacts to scheduling maintenance requests—they can all be done 24/7, whenever you’re ready. Our portal offers the flexibility to pay your rent online—store check or debit card information on your secure page and pay when ready, or choose automatic withdrawal. You can even choose to earn credit card rewards. The portal is also a communication tool. Find helpful notices and information about the property nad upcoming events or capital projects.

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Van Metre Rewards

Van Metre Commercial is just member of the Van Metre Family. From commercial to apartments to homes, our diversified real estate portfolio is an advantage you’ll want to explore. We offer a special rewards program for Preferred Business Owners and their employees which includes exclusive access to adjacent apartment community facilities, and exclusive discounts on both renting a Van Metre apartment or purchasing a Van Metre home.

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The Perfect "10" Assessment

Our Inspector General program showcases our meticulous attention to detail by inspecting every commercial site on a scale from one to ten. Through these quality control practices, the Ownership can assess accurate and timely trends in the Commercial team's performance, and can ensure that tenants receive the highest level of quality product and overall satisfaction.